Quick Tips on making smart school a better place?

Quick Tips on making smart school better place?

As soon as smart school is mentioned, it is understood that comfortable and reliable style and arrangement has come in the teaching and learning method. Parents can get information about the daily activities of each student like attendance, result, discipline, fees etc. through web, mobile app. If there is a notice, meeting, the school can inform through SMS. GPS tracking system can be incorporated in view of the increasing traffic jam in Kathmandu. This allows us to get information about the location, speed, fuel, etc. of the school bus from the same system. If this system can be developed in every school, it can make the whole family information technology.


Smart schools and digital education should have easy access to infrastructure such as computers, laptops, tablet printers, projectors, digital boards, internet. Under this, students also get the opportunity to read from smart gadgets. Schools are now using multimedia to facilitate the teaching and learning process. Only easy access to such infrastructure can lay the foundation for a smart school. 

Digital content

infrastructure alone does not make schools smart. Teachers and students should benefit from teaching and reading by digitizing the curriculum. Content (Learning Platform) is now being developed in Nepal to suit and further support the curriculum developed by the Curriculum Development Center.  

Complete School ERP System Complete

School ERP manages the various activities of the school. It manages student fees, exams, student classes, etc. Such software is essential for running a school and moving to automation. For example, student attendance, assignment, school account management, fee payment etc. can be done based on software. 

Without high speed internet

, nothing can be smart, not just schools. High-speed internet is required for the teaching and learning process, from the regular running of the school. In order to provide easy access to internet in every classroom, quality internet is required to run various software. This requires high speed dedicated internet service. 

Vehicle tracking system

is another basis for smart school, vehicle tracking system. It manages school buses and other school-related vehicles. This system gives information about where the vehicle is, how much it costs and how much it costs. Such a facility benefits students, parents and teachers and saves time. 

SMS Integration

Parents, teachers and students can be informed about the activities of the school via SMS. With the help of bulk SMS integration, small to large information can be sent through SMS.  

Parents ‘ Connection

Parents need the same role to become smart schools. It is the responsibility of parents to keep track of their children’s activities and progress. Technology can be used for this. In today’s software, parents can also see and know the progress of their children by entering their username and password. Technology has now become the basis for connecting parents with teachers and schools.

Website and mobile app

Website and mobile app have become essential for teaching and learning. There should be a website and mobile app that is easy for students and teachers to access digital content. It should be readable whenever and wherever. In addition to this, regular information about the activities of the school, various informational materials etc. can be provided from the school’s own website. 

Digital notes

Students can write notes using digital medium. With the help of tabs and digital pens, there is no hassle of carrying heavy text books and copies. They can keep their notes and content in the cloud. 

Student Progress Tracking

is a way to find out what progress is being made in a student’s study. This is a way to quickly access your level of knowledge and progress through technology. It can also be used regularly in the classroom.

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