Quick Tips To Use Technology In Education



Quick Tips To Use Technology In Education

The epidemic of corona virus, which has forced the world to move in a different and new direction, has become a topic of discussion all over the world till date. With the lockdown, social distance and the need to be confined to one’s own place, the access to technology has made it possible for users living in one corner of the digital world to communicate online, video conferencing, order food online, online banking online. The class began to operate.

It was found that the educational institutions were adopting it in a modified way by giving different names like online class, online education etc. On the whole, online education was a topic that had to be run only yesterday, but due to compulsion, it was given priority only now.

Classes can be conducted from a browser or any related system through software such as Google Classroom, Microsoft Education, Moodle etc.

 Only a handful of selected educational institutions were using online education. Remember, schools, colleges and various educational institutions have been using software for years, but online education was not given much priority.

There is a big difference between online classes and video conferencing. A video conferencing class from Zoom, Skype, Google Meet or any other medium is not really an online class. It’s just a conferencing video. Creating a course in an online class, grading, giving marks, adjusting the student to the class, including the parent of the student can be clearly seen what the student is achieving in that class.

Classes can be conducted from a browser or any related system through software like Google Classroom, Microsoft Education, Moodle etc. Proper use of technology also helps in facing future challenges. The problem now is only the online class but in the future there may be various problems like data storage, security, big data management etc.  

As information technology and technology is used in a pioneering way in all matters, every organization, be it a school, college or any other organization, can use such technology properly while carrying out such work under the supervision of a knowledgeable and knowledgeable IT consultant. There are a number of free software available and must buy online. Which can be used for free as per requirement and by paying some monthly or annual amount.

One is technology and the other is its use. If we continue to use technology, we will definitely develop. Software is an application programmed to simplify any complex thing without being complicated.

 Only with the knowledge of such different types of technology can the solution be found in the present situation and in the future problems. Otherwise, if video conferencing is to be considered as an online class only, then all the things of the online class that need to be known and learned today will have to be learned only in the future, which will have to be used today.

Nowadays technology is used almost everywhere. Computers have made many things easier. In the long run, when only 8/9/10 class is reached, computer subjects are taught in computer subjects from a small class nowadays. There are two sides to development and expansion. One is technology and the other is its use. If we continue to use technology, we will definitely develop. Software is an application programmed to simplify any complex thing without being complicated. Software can be defined in 3 different ways.

One is desktop software, another is web based software and another is mobile app based software. It should be used in a way that is easy to operate according to your needs. Technology must be used in education as well, which makes it easier to manage educational institutions. Here’s how to put one together for use with your technology.


All the information of the educational institution, such as information of the institution, address photos, location map, statement of the principal, details of pass out students and occasional notices, results can be placed on the news website. The activities and information of the organization can be presented in audio visual way.

Online class: 

The process of viewing everything digitally through online courses, classes, attendance, note making, communication between teacher and student, etc. and keeping a brief description of that activity is called online class. Which works from grading, setting class schedules, setting calendars, informing everyone at once. Video conferencing also falls into this category.  


By emailing the parents and students of the educational institution together, the internal information of the institution can be easily sent by email. There are different ways to send a newsletter, which tells you who viewed the email, where you viewed it from, which link you clicked on, and which you didn’t. MailChimp, MailJet, etc. are examples of this.

Bulk SMS: 

Bulk SMS is the process of sending multiple people at once. Such messages can be sent online. Such SMS can be done with 5 digit number or any sender ID. Nowadays, it is very effective as it can deliver any information quickly.  


Students’ information in schools / colleges, details about fees, payrolls, accounts, hostel, transportation, admission, attendance details can be kept in the software. So that the oldest data can be seen and any details can be easily found in a moment. If you look at the monthly income details, you can see what has been spent.

Social Media: 

Educational Institutions can show their information, photos, information of any event on social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Slide Share Scribd, their information, useful topics to students and others, which will enhance the image of the organization.

Surveillance system: 

When educational institutions monitor various places like classrooms, playgrounds, offices, etc. directly through CCTV cameras, what is happening in which places can be seen through live broadcast.

Call Jammer: 

Students in educational institutions may be wasting important time using mobile phones. A call jammer or cell phone jammer device can be placed to control this. The one that blocks the mobile phone networks, it only blocks the GSM signal but does not affect the landline phone.


The concept of e-library has been around for a long time. This makes the student’s reading much easier. If one student starts reading the printed book and the other student cannot read it, then one of the books in the e-library can be made accessible to 100 students and there is no difficulty in copying, downloading or even printing.


Electronic attendance systems can be seen in most places nowadays. There are three types of attendance systems. The old-fashioned way is to swipe the card or show the card. The current thumb reader and some places read fingerprints, while the retina scanner scans the retina of the eye to take attendance. As time goes by, technology has to be embraced, technology helps in development.

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