Rakuten Viber Launches Three-Month ‘Free Trial’ for Viber Business Messages


Rakuten Viber, which is the world leader in communication, has become the best choice for brands this time. All the features offered by Viber are aimed at making the conversation exciting, attractive and safe.

Engaging conversations are at the heart of every service provided by Viber, with the intention of helping companies connect with consumers on a personal level as communication continues to emerge. Businesses can use Conversational Viber Business Messages with customers for free for three months during the promo period, Rakuten Viber said.

The trial is offered to any new or existing business messaging account sending conversational messages for the first time. This promo is said to be available in global markets till June 30, 2022. During this period, any brand that sends a conversational message for the first time will get this facility for free for 90 days from the date of the first message.

“Conversational messages” will be counted in Viber sessions. A session lasts 24 hours, during which brands and users can exchange multiple messages during a conversation — a brand can send up to 60 messages during this time period.

This session will start after the user sends a message to the brand, but the brand will be charged only after writing a reply to the user. Sessions help brands and users have real conversations—conversations that help brands connect with their audience while solving their problems.

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