Realme 10 Pro Plus 5G in Nepal, what are the features?


The flagship label of the smartphone brand Realme, the premium smartphone Realme 10 Pro Plus 5G with curved vision display has arrived in Nepal.

Realme 10 Pro Plus 5G is the first phone in this segment, which is said to have the flagship label 120Hz curved vision display.

Similarly, it has dimming of 2160 Hz PWM, which is the first in Nepal. Available in the attractive Hyperspace Gold color, the current market price of Realme is 45 thousand 999.

It has a storage option of 8 GB plus 128 GB. 50 lucky customers who bought the Realme Ten Pro Plus 5G, which will be available all over Nepal from Saturday, Paush 9, will receive a safari bag as a gift from Realme.

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