Remittance Partnership Agreement between IME and Patanjali


An agreement has been signed between Patanjali Ayurveda and IME regarding remittance sharing. According to the agreement, millions of Nepalis living in India will now be able to easily send money to Nepal by going to various 10,000 outlets belonging to the Patanjali Group across India.

In the agreement letter, the director Dr. on behalf of Bharuva Solutions Pvt. Ltd. promoted by Patanjali Group. Rishi Kumar and Chief Executive Officer Gautam Naithani signed on behalf of IME India. The MoU was exchanged in Delhi on Tuesday during a special program organized on the occasion of Haritalika Teej.

Addressing the MoU exchange programme, Swami Ramdev said that this partnership will strengthen the remittance business between India and Nepal and add a convenient and easy way for Nepalese brothers and sisters to send money to their family members or relatives.

Acharya Balakrishna ji expressed his happiness that this partnership has added another achievement to the financial services provided by Patanjali Group and its organization Bharuva Solutions Pvt Ltd.

With Patanjali Ayurveda outlets in every Indian city, they are widely accessible. Due to easy access to outlets, Nepalis working in India can go to any location to use money remittance services, the company said.

Ambassador Dr. Shankar Sharma, Patanjali Ayurveda, senior employees of Bharuva Solutions Pvt Ltd promoted by Patanjali Group, Suman Pokharel, Senior Vice President of IME Group, Khilendra Poudel, Chief Executive Officer of IME Limited, Sachin Dhakal, Director of IME Limited, senior employees of IME India and members of the Nepali community living in India. There was a significant presence.

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