Remittance Payment Agreement between Iseva Money Transfer and Shine Resunga Bank


In the recent days, Iseva Money Transfer and Shine Resunga Development Bank, which are increasing their market share by extensively expanding their business at home and abroad, have signed a remittance payment agreement.

According to the company, with this agreement, remittances sent from abroad through Isawamoney transfer can be paid from any branch office of Shine Resunga Development Bank in Nepal. Similarly, the company has informed that all customers who have bank accounts will receive remittances sent from abroad directly to their bank accounts.

Similarly, using Shine Resunga Smart i.e. this bank’s mobile banking app, you can send remittances to any place and receive the money sent from any place through Iseva Money Transfer through Iseva’s network across Nepal, the company said.

The agreement was signed by Ajes Koirala, Managing Director of Iseva Money Transfer and Prakash Paudel, Chief Executive Officer of Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited.

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