Request not to use IME Pay for illegal activity like Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, action will be taken


IME Digital Solutions has taken serious note of the fact that the name of the organization is associated with illegal transactions such as Nepal Rastra Bank Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, One Xbet and Binance.

The company released a notice and made it clear that the organization does not cooperate with illegal sites such as cryptocurrency, bitcoin, onexbet and binance.

It is said in the notice, ‘Accounts found to be involved in such activities, which are clearly indicated as illegal by law, will be closed as a form of action and other actions will also be taken according to the prevailing law, so we would like to inform our dear customers not to engage in any of these types of activities from now on.’

In addition, the company is also committed to maintain safe digital transactions by taking further necessary actions by monitoring and inspecting any illegal activities that may occur in the future.

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