Scammer demanding up to 40 thousand dollars by hijacking Instagram account


Scammers have demanded up to 40,000 US dollars for the hijacked Instagram account. Researchers at Secure Work have recently discovered a phishing campaign.

This campaign has targeted corporate accounts. Similarly, it is hijacking the Instagram account by targeting influencers with many floors.

It has been found that hackers are trying to steal the data of Instagram users through phishing. Cybercriminals send a false notification that you are trying to post someone else’s copyright.

The notification which reads ‘There has been a complaint about the photo you tried to post on Instagram. Your post has been reported as copyright infringing. So if you want your account to be nothing, fill the form from the link given below.

The cybercriminals then go to a phishing website that is run by the cybercriminals. After reaching that page you need to login your account.

After entering the password, you will receive a notification that your appeal has been approved. By doing this, cyber criminals will start controlling the account. By doing this, scammers have been found to demand up to 40,000 US dollars.

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