Security vulnerabilities found in more than 19,000 apps in the Google Play Store, always pay attention to these issues


The Google Play Store is considered to be the safest source for downloading apps for Android smartphones. But there are many such apps listed in the store that can put the security of your mobile at risk.

Anyway, Google checks its app store from time to time and takes action from time to time. There are many such malicious apps on the platform that can be dangerous for you.

Some malicious apps in the Play Store were recently banned by Google. These apps were used by hackers to trick users and steal their personal details for personal gain. If you have such apps on your phone, delete them without delay.

Digital security company Avast has recently found flaws in more than 19,000 apps with an incorrect configuration that could leak users’ personal information.

According to Avast, it has exposed users’ data due to incorrect configuration in the Firebase database of 19,300 Android apps. Firebase is a tool used by Android developers to store user data.

If you also have any suspicious apps, uninstall them immediately.

Keep these things in mind when downloading apps

  • Don’t download apps from the Google Play Store without authentication. Carefully read the details given in the apps.
  • Insecure apps may contain one or two spelling mistakes.
  • Don’t trust any of the apps that claim to offer you a reward or reward without having to pay too much or too little.
  • Before downloading the app, please read reviews of older users.
  • Use good and reliable antivirus software on your mobile phone.