Send money directly to your pocket from more than 50 countries


From more than 50 countries, money can now be sent directly to the pocket. With the cooperation with Khalti and WorldRemit, it is now possible to send money to Khalti from more than 50 countries.

The person receiving the money in Nepal should create a pocket ID and undergo KYC verification. Also, the person who receives money in his pocket will also get a bonus of 200 rupees.

After sending the money to the pocket, without doing anything, the money and the bonus will automatically be loaded in both the pockets. Its details can be viewed by going to the transaction section of the Khalti app.

How to send money from WorldRemit

To send money from WorldRemit to your pocket, first download the WorldRemit app. Then login the app and tap on send money.

And the total amount that you want to send to Nepal Rosi can be deposited to the destination and at the end of the mobile money transfer, you can choose the pocket mobile wallet and fill all the details of the person who will receive it.

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