Shankar Group has been appointed as the official seller of Realme mobile in Nepal


Shankar Group has been appointed as the official seller of the popular Brand Realme Mobile in Nepal. Shankar Group has become the official seller of Realmy for Nepal.

At the same time, Realme has announced to bring the best quality products to Nepal. Speaking on the occasion, Realm Vice President Madhav Sheth said that this was a new dimension during Realmmy’s remarkable journey.

‘Realme has had great success in India. We are confident of achieving remarkable success in the Nepali market as well, “he said.” We will provide the latest technology products in Nepal at excellent prices.

Sheth also said that he aims to make Realme one of the top two in the Nepali smartphone market by 2022. He is also the CEO of Realme India and Europe.

Speaking on the occasion, Sahil Agrawal, Managing Director of Shankar Group, said that he was proud to be partnering with Realm.

He said, “As a seller of Realm for the Nepali market, we expect to bring the latest technology products to Nepali consumers at affordable prices.”

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