Six lakh mobile users decreased in a month


About six lakh mobile users have decreased within a month. According to the latest statistics released by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, it has been found that more than 580,000 mobile users have decreased in July compared to last June.

According to the authority, the number of mobile users in Nepal was 47.93 million till June. That number has reduced to 40,200,000 in July.

CDMA users are not included in this number of mobile users. This is only the number of GSM mobile users.

When the service provider deactivates the mobile SIM card that has not been used for a long time, the number of users decreases in the statistics. The Authority has implemented a system that service providers can deactivate SIM cards that have not been used for one year.

According to the authority, among the total mobile users, the number of Nepal Telecom SIM card users has exceeded 27 million. Similarly, the number of Ncell SIM card users is over 17.1 million. Smart Telecom has sold around 2.4 million SIM cards.

Most of the decreased mobile users are Nepal Telecom customers. Until June, Telecom had sold 20 million 13 million 77 thousand SIM cards, but in July this number decreased to 20 million 7 million.

Telecom alone has lost more than 674,000 customers during that period. In the same period, while the number of Ncell users increased, it was seen that the number of mobile users decreased by 6 lakh in a month.

This number of mobile users in Nepal is more in proportion to the population. According to the authority, it seems that 38.84 percent of the total population has access to mobile phones.

More than one user can use more than one SIM card in order to have access to more than one mobile phone. When the authority calculates per SIM card as one user, it is seen that the mobile access is more than the population.

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