Special honor to Ram Raja Shrestha, Chairman of Nepal Food Bank in Nigeria


Kathmandu: Ram Raja Shrestha, Executive Chairman of Nepal Food Bank Limited, is going to Nigeria, a West African country, where the event will be jointly organized by the World Peace Institute and the Nigerian government.

Nigerian Governor Agbeni Abdul Adesoji Aregbesula, former Youth and Sports Minister and Acting Member of Parliament Dr. Rasid Pelpusobo, Bosakta (Philippines), Sujjat Hussain (India), Dr. Mohsat Hussain from The World Forum and Comrade Lamina Kamiluddin Omotoyosi, Executive Chair of the World Peace Organization.

The special guest will be Ram Raja Shrestha, Chairman of Nepal Food Bank Limited. Similarly, Dr. Mosharraf Hussain will be honored as a guest at the event. Shrestha is leaving for Nigeria on July 24, leading a seven-member Nepali delegation to receive the various honors, chiffons and programs provided by the former King of Osun, Owa Akadari Gobadekije. About 1,500 young people from Nigeria and other countries are participating in the program.

The Nigerian government will honor Shrestha for his significant contribution to food security in Nepal. He is scheduled to be honored by the King of Nigeria on July 15. Shrestha is receiving chieftaincy honors from the former king of Nigeria. The honor is said to be equal to that of a member of the Royal Family of Nigeria.

Shrestha claims that there will be a trade agreement between the Nigerian government and the Food Bank during the visit and that an investment climate will be created after the agreement. Shrestha says that they are preparing to invest 25 million US dollars immediately after the agreement. According to Shrestha, the agreement will be signed with 51 percent of the total investment by the Nigerian people as well as the government and 49 percent by the food bank.

According to Shrestha, the agreement will pave the way for both sides to invest in capacity building, technology transfer, production, food storage, quality testing and agro-tourism. The program will be broadcast live on international media including BBC and CNN.

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