Spotify deleting Joe Rogan’s podcast


Spotify began removing episodes of Joe Rogan starting Friday. As of writing this article, the company has removed 113 videos. Joe Rogan, an American podcaster, started deleting podcasts after making unnecessary podcasts in the context of Covid.

This is the reason why the company has also kept a content advisory for the podcasts of Covid-19. These content advisories direct viewers to the COVID-19 hub so Spotify users can get the right information. Spotify has also promised to publish its content guidelines.

Spotify has also claimed to have deleted 20,000 Covid-related videos since the start of the pandemic. After doctors and scientists wrote an open letter to the company, the company started paying attention to this matter.

To delete all of Joe Rogan’s videos that do not match the company’s deletion criteria. Spotify doesn’t delete podcasts in a certain systematic way.

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