Start app public for personalized news on Microsoft PC, mobile phone


Microsoft has launched ‘Start’, an app that can combine all news feeds and information preferences for users in one place.

The new Microsoft Start app streamlines personalized content on PCs and mobile phones using AI and machine learning, as well as new technologies such as human restraint.

Microsoft’s ‘Start’ can be used from the web, iOS, Android app, and Microsoft Edge’s new tab. It provides various information according to the wishes of the user.

This feature is reported by the company, which collects and broadcasts news from more than a thousand publishers around the world. The more users start using the topic of their choice, the more the news feed will be personalized. You can also press the Personalize button to make the feed even better.

Information on weather, traffic, sports and economics will be given at the start. Start replaces the previous Microsoft News.

The icon and name of the Microsoft News app have also been changed. Agency

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