Success in QR payments, more than 3.5 billion payments per month


In the country, there have not been many start of payment based on Cuaur. Although it was sporadic at first, its use has become widespread in the last financial year.

After Nepal Rasht Bank started working with QR payment as a priority, its discussion and payment has increased. According to the financial statements of the last financial year published by Rasht Bank, in the month of June only 3 billion 65 million 10 million rupees were paid based on kuar.

This payment is the most so far. Although there is no previous year’s details in Rasht Bank’s statement, there was a QR payment of 589 million rupees in the first quarter of the last financial year.

According to this account, QR payment has increased by 519 percent in one year. QR payment has increased every month of the last financial year.

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