Telephone service blocked in Jajarkot for a month


Telephone service blocked in Jajarkot and has been disrupted in Kushe village municipality of Jajarkot district for the past one month. Locals are suffering due to non-regular maintenance of towers and BTS by the telco.

Even the service recipients of Khalanga district headquarters have become victims of the problem of mobile network. The lack of reliable internet service is also affecting the flow of government services.

There is no fast access to Nepal Telecom’s mobile service in Khalanga-based tolls including Thaple, Thanti, Thaplechaur, Syanla, Pipe, Rimna, Risang and Kalyanpur.

Locals have been deprived of telephone service due to lack of maintenance of Sky Mobile Tower and delay in construction of new tower at Kushe-8, Lantachuli. Mobile service has been disrupted due to power outage at Lantachuli Tower.

Prem Vik, a local, said that there was a problem of lack of network even at a distance of one and a half kilometers from the telecom tower.

Amrit Gautam, a local, said that the residents of Kushe were without communication facilities due to lack of mobile network. ‘You have to walk two hours to reach a high hill to make a phone call. We have suffered a lot for making phone calls, ”said Amrit Gautam.

According to him, there is a problem in various government services due to lack of telephone service. The tower under construction at Kushe-8, Thali has been abandoned for five years and locals are suffering for the phone.

According to the locals, there is a problem in operating the mobile service as the solar battery is not working in Lantachuli Tower.

According to Gopendra Adhikari, chief of the Telecom Office, Jajarkot, there is a problem in operating the phone service in Kushe until the Sky Mobile Tower in Lantachuli is repaired.

When the health unit was closed, the old contract was broken and a new contractor was handed over to the sick Merkamathali. The contractor has agreed to build the tower within six months.

Ganga Bahadur Chand, in-charge of Pank Police Post, said that there was a problem in communicating information to the police due to lack of telephone.

Locals have complained that the municipality has not taken any initiative to operate the tower even a month after the telephone service was disrupted.

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