The Election Commission’s warning against posting content affecting the election on social media


The Election Commission has warned against posting content on social media that could affect the election. The commission issued a statement on Monday and warned against posting false content that could affect the election.

Under Chapter-2 of the Election Code of Conduct, it has been strongly warned not to post wrong content on social media against the use of social media and the provisions in section 22 (h) of the conduct to be followed by everyone.

False information, misinformation, malicious expressions targeting candidates and political parties of the local level election, 2079 are being posted on social media, and such false, misleading, character assassination, personal slander, defamation or other such false content directly affecting the election on social media. The commission has issued a strict warning to all to refrain from doing such activities under any circumstances, as it can affect the integrity, freedom and dignity of the election.

According to the fact that in some places, such activities are prohibited by law, the Commission has ordered the immediate removal of any political party, candidate, election representative or any person using promotional material such as potpourri, wall writing, banner, banner, digital display contrary to the code of conduct.

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