The government is making it possible to pay service charges, fines and fines through the citizen app


Service charges, fines, fines or any other amount can now be paid or remitted through the Citizen App. For this, the National Information Technology Center issued a notice on Thursday and requested the electronic payment service providers to join the citizen app.

The National Information Technology Center has requested electronic payment service providers to contact the center within seven days to join the citizen app.

The notification issued by the center states, ‘Since electronic payment service is required to pay or pay service fees, fines, fines or any other amount through the citizen app, as per the provision in sub-section 4 of section 4 of the Citizen App (Operation and Management) Guide issued by the Government of Nepal, 20780 Interested electronic payment service providers and payment service operating organizations approved by Nepal Rastra Bank are requested to contact the center within 7 days from the date of issue of this notification.

The government launched a citizen app to provide all possible public services through mobile apps. The government has set a target of providing 42 types of services through citizen apps in the current financial year.

Currently, information about PAN, citizenship, passport, educational details, voter ID card, social security fund, citizen investment fund, savings fund can be obtained through the app. Also, complaints can be registered through the app itself.

You can get a new PAN number, pay vehicle tax, get a police character certificate, etc. from the app. The government claims that the app has put an end to the hassles of citizens having to submit details such as citizenship, passport, company registration, educational certificate, etc. in order to avail government services.

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