The most powerful quantum computer made by Chinese scientists, one million times faster than Google


The most powerful quantum computer made by Chinese scientists, one million times faster than Google

Chinese scientists have developed the fastest and most commonly used quantum computer to date.It is said that this quantum computer can solve problems that are impossible to do with existing ordinary computers. The quantum computer is named Zuchongzhi 2.1. The computer is named after a famous fifth-century mathematician.

The quantum computer was built by a team led by Pan Jianwei of the University of Science and Technology China. According to Jianbei, the computer is one million times more powerful than its closest competitor, Google’s Sycamore quantum computer. Psychmore was the most powerful quantum computer ever.

Quantum computers are super advanced machines that go beyond the binary codes of 1 and 0 found on existing traditional computers. Quantum computers use the properties of the smallest particles in the universe, which can be between 1 and 0 in a conventional computer.Quantum particles are very flexible which is called Q bits. These Q-bits can be operated simultaneously by a supercomputer.

Chinese scientists have developed two different systems to maximize the potential of supercomputing. One of them is a photonic quantum computer based on light. The second is the superconducting quantum computer, which operates well only at very low temperatures.

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