The premium version of Telegram is public, what are the new features?


The premium version of Telegram has been released. Telegram’s iOS and Android premium versions have been released.

The fee for the premium version is set at $4.99 per month. Additional features will be available in Telegram Premium. Premium users can now send files up to 4GB on Telegram.

It has also upgraded the limit on the premium feature of Telegram. Premium users can now stream 1,000 channels and send 10 chat pins, 20 public links and 400 GIFs.

Premium users on Telegram can also use the ‘faster download’ feature. In addition, premium users can convert voice messages to text.

Similarly, premium users will also get stickers with full screen animation and 10 new reactions.

Apart from this, premium users will also get features like chat manager, animated profile picture, premium batch, premium app icon, no ads.

Telegram is the world’s most popular messaging platform. Telegram is used by 70 million users every month.

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