These are the biggest data breaches of the 21st century


The data breach is so serious that it affects millions of people at once. Data breach means protecting, disclosing, using unauthorized data or violating data security rules to protect public data.

Most of the data breaches are done by hackers. Sometimes the responsibility bodies, organizations, business establishments, online based businesses are also found to be data breach.

Just a few days ago, Amazon, the world’s largest online shopping platform, was fined more than 100 billion rupees for breaching data in violation of European law.

Every day hackers are trying to gain unofficial access to various websites and apps to break the data. Every day in the world, hackers are breaking the data.

Every day countries around the world are paying ransom to hackers. Today we’re going to introduce you to the ten most popular data breaches of the 21st century.

1. Yahoo

In August 2013, Yahoo’s biggest data breach occurred. Some hacking group has affected three billion accounts.

While Yahoo was being taken over by Verizon, hackers suddenly broke the data. Even after this data breach, an agreement was reached between Yahoo and Verizon, but at a very low price.

Verizon has committed itself to the protection of privacy and security. The hackers gained access to the account but did not steal the plain text password, payment card details and bank data.

2. alibaba

Alibaba’s data breach took place in 2019. This data impressed a large number of customers in Breach. The hack was carried out by Alibaba site developers, who hacked customer details, usernames and mobile numbers using their own crawler software.

He collected the information for his own use and did not sell it on the black market. He was sentenced to three years in prison for the same crime. The hack affected the data of 1.1 billion users.

3. LinkedIn

This year, there was a data hacking incident at Likindin. 700 million, or about 90 percent of the users were affected.

A hacker named ‘Good User’ had hacked the API of the website. He then threatened to sell all 700 million databases. No sensitive or personal information has been leaked in this hack. The ‘bad user’ had received email address, contact number and other details.

4. sina vibo

This is the biggest social in China. Sina Vibo has about 600 million users. This social movement was attacked in March 2020. The hack affected 538 million accounts.

The hackers attacked parts of the dataset and hacked information such as real name, site username, link, address and contact number.

The hackers sold the details on the Dark Web for 250. China’s Ministry of Communications and Information has instructed Weibo to increase data security.

5. Facebook

The data breach incident on Facebook took place in April 2019. At that time, two datasets of Facebook were made public.

It revealed the Facebook-based details, contact numbers, account names and Facebook IDs of 530 million users.

Two years after the hack, the data was posted for free. Also, these details were posted on the Dark Web. The details also included the email addresses of some users.

6. Marriott International (Starwood)

Hotel Marriott International estimates that the sensitive information of 500 million Starwood users was hacked in 2018. Marriott’s various investigations have found that hackers have been copying and encrypting data on the Starwood network since 2014 with unauthorized access.

In 2018, Marriott managed to decrypt the data. The data was discovered in the Starwood Guest database.

It contained hotel customer name, email address, address, contact number, passport number, account details, date of birth, arrival and departure information, reservation date and communication details.

The company had to pay around ४ 18.4 million in fines. The attack is believed to have been carried out by a Chinese group.

7. Yahoo

Yahoo was again attacked by data in 2014. In this hack, the state-sponsored actors hacked the accounts of 500 million users and stole information such as name, email address, date of birth, password.

Yahoo addressed the issue only after the stolen database went public on the black market in 2016.

8. Adult Friend Finder

This social network was attacked in 2016. Six of the 20 databases in the network have been hacked by hackers.

It contained unethical websites such as and with hookups and adult content, leaving out the names, email addresses and passwords of 414 million users.

This had a devastating effect on the personal lives of many. The passwords were made public in a hash that could be easily viewed using

9. my space

MySpace was attacked by data in 2013. Three years later, in 2016, the data of 360 million users was hacked.

The data was put up for sale on and the Dark Web. The hackers demanded six bitcoins at the time, which amounted to about डलर 3,000.

The hacked data included email addresses, usernames and passwords. The company immediately removed those accounts to make them safer.

10. netize

Netizens were attacked in 2015, affecting the accounts of some 235 million users. Netiz provides mailbox service.

In the hack, a vendor called Double Flag sold the email addresses and plaintext passwords of 235 million users on the Dark Web.

The company claimed that there was no data breach until later, but when the official user’s data came on the Dark Web, everything was revealed.

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