This is how you can buy a movie ticket from your pocket in 50 seconds

Movie tickets can now be purchased within 50 seconds from the digital wallet pocket. For this, an agreement has been signed between Khalti and QFX Cinema.

In an event held at Labim Mall on Tuesday, the agreement was signed between Khalti’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vinay Khadka and Team Quest’s General Manager Pratish Pandey.

Actor Pooja Sharma was also present in the program. In the program, Sharma said that it is very easy to buy movie tickets from pocket.

‘I am not a person who uses many apps. But the process of booking movie tickets from Khalti is easy,” she said. “QFX and Khalti have collaborated to end the process of going to the hall and standing in line to buy tickets.

According to the company, with this collaboration, the users of the pocket can now cut the ticket of QFX in 50 seconds. Vinay Khadka, CEO of Khalti, said that the movie booking experience will be made even easier.

Users can purchase movie tickets by choosing the QFX cinema hall, time and seat of their choice.

Khadka says that Khalti is the first wallet that offers the facility of purchasing movie tickets from the wallet within 50 seconds. According to Khalti, movie-related offers and cashbacks are coming.

Earlier, movie tickets could be purchased from QFX’s mobile app and website. Now a pocket has also been added to it. With the collaboration, Khalti has now joined QFX as a payment partner.

QFX is currently available in 11 places and is now opening in Birganj in a few weeks. QFX Cinemas is being operated by Team Quest Pvt Ltd.

In the program, Team Quest General Manager Panda said that QFX has played a leading role in modernizing the cinema hall experience in Nepal. She said that collaboration with Khalti will provide customers with a better movie experience.

Similarly, Amit Agarwal, co-founder of Khalti, informed that even now 80 percent of movie tickets are booked offline. ‘Still 80 percent of movie tickets are from offline,’ Agarwal said, ‘Sometimes there is a difference in movies. Online booking is very good when any foreign movie is coming. In the case of Nepali movies, 80 percent of tickets are still purchased offline.

Now all tickets can be bought from the pocket except Bageshwari hall of QFX. Bageshwari Hall in Nepalgunj will also go live soon, the company said. Similarly, Agarwal says that the hall which is opening in Birganj will also be live during Dashain Tihar.

He said that in the future, when watching a movie, food should be delivered to the seat online. He says that Khalti always tries to work on such innovations.

Khalti has been working in line with the campaign to make Nepal digital for the past 6 years.

How to cut a movie ticket in 50 seconds?

First, download the Khalti app on your mobile. Then select the ‘Movie’ option. And choose which movie ticket you want to book.

Then decide which hall, for what time and at what time you will buy the ticket. After doing this, you can choose the seat you like and buy the ticket.

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