This is the person who talked on a mobile phone for the first time

This is the person who talked on a mobile phone for the first time

In the 21st century, science has given us a unique tool through which we can connect with our relatives and friends wherever we go. You’re right, that device is a cell phone. Using it, we can do thousands of our work at home with ease.

With the passage of time, technology is also changing very fast. Speaking in the context of Nepal, mobile phones can be seen in the hands of every person nowadays, but less than a decade ago, hardly anyone had a mobile phone like this.

But now times have changed, people use different brands of mobile phones to communicate with distant relatives and friends.

In the past, letters and telephones were used to communicate with distant relatives or friends. Mobile phones were not available in the market like now.

There were telephone booths in different parts of the city for telephone communication, but in the villages, houses with telephones were seldom found. In such a situation in the village, the experience of reaching home with a telephone after taking an hour to make a call is still fresh with many.

But with the rapid development of technology, the number of mobile manufacturers has also increased and now there are many types of mobiles available in the market. Thus the availability of mobile and its use has made the life of all of us very simple and easy.

Mobile phones have a number of unique features that we can use. Now the child is mobile with anyone, old or young. Many advanced technologies have come in mobile, we use not only phone calls but also Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. from the internet.

Many of us can’t even imagine life without mobile. Many may not know when, who and what kind of mobile phone was made for the first time in the world, which has become indispensable in our language.

Today, exactly 45 years ago today, on April 3, 1973, Martin Cooper unveiled the world’s first mobile phone. The phone was 10 inches long and weighed 1 kg. The prototype had a talk time of 30 minutes and took 10 hours to charge.

Until 1973, mobile telephones were only installed in cars and other vehicles. The first hand-held mobile phone was manufactured by Motorola.

Nearly five decades ago today, on April 3, 1973, engineer Martin Cooper had his first cell phone conversation with an employee of a rival company. Exactly ten years later, Motorola launched its first mobile handset.

Cooper founded the first cellphone with Motorola Mobile and later became the company’s CEO. For this, he was awarded the Marconi Prize in 2013. This award is given to a person who has done excellent work in the field of communication.

There are various types of mobile phones available in the market today. Most smartphones are in vogue now. There are many types of phones including Windows Phone and Android Phones.

Also, due to the competition among the mobile phone manufacturing companies, many unique features are also included in the mobile. Due to this, many developments are taking place in mobile technology.

Due to the use of high-end cameras and technologies such as AI, the work of cameras and computer can be done simultaneously from mobile. Each country is developing a country based on its own technology. They are also helping in the development of the world. Information and technology are one of the important pillars on which the prosperity of a country depends. 

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