This is why drones are very important in rural areas of the world

This is why drones are very important in rural areas of the world

Though very small in a geographical area, Nepal, rich in various natural resources, has many features and characteristics that have given Nepal its unique identity to the world. One of the important features of Nepal is its geography.

Occupying this small area from a height of about 70 meters above sea level to the world’s highest altitude of 8848 meters, Nepal can be said to be the paradise of the earth. But no matter how good its aspects are, it is this diversity that has made life difficult here.

 About 725 acres of land here is geographically irregular and difficult due to which even today there are no easy roads to reach many places, the lack of which has caused great difficulties in education, health and Nepali lifestyle. 

Unless there are easy roads and transportation facilities in every nook and cranny of Nepal, it is impossible to say that it is not possible to meet all the other needs and uplift the Nepali way of life. Given the current pace of our development, the devastation caused by natural disasters and the catastrophic construction, it seems that this dream will take many decades to come true.

Does this mean that while the world is trying to expand its life on the moon and Mars, many more Nepali PDs will end up in a life of misery? Today, science has made such a big leap in the world that if we can use it properly, we will not have to wait for decades to uplift the life here. Let’s talk about Nepali geography, the hardships of Nepali life and a small but powerful product of science, why drones are needed in Nepal.

  • People in remote areas have very little access to even the most basic health care, such as medicine and blood. It is highly reprehensible for anyone to lose his life due to lack of medicines available in the market. Drones can play a huge role in minimizing such incidents and providing proper health care to the people of all regions. Drones can be a boon for a nation like Nepal, which can easily transport medicines, blood and other things in any region in a short time and at low cost.
  • Nepal, which is at high risk from the point of view of natural disasters, has no basis for when and what disaster may strike. It is difficult for many people to get food, medicine and even security during such incidents. Also, in such cases, the search for a person is very important but difficult. For this, the use of robots, and especially drones, greatly facilitates tasks such as search, food and medicine distribution.
  • Due to the bad geography, it is very difficult to get accurate data from the survey work done here and most of the data is approximate due to which the construction and development work here is not sustainable. If surveying using drones, very accurate and precise data can be found so that construction works can be planned well. Also, the use of drones is very easy for regular inspection of infrastructures, easy analysis of GH models, etc.
  • Although very suitable for the environment, Nepal has not been able to use this area properly. If we invest in the infrastructure of this region by making proper use of new technologies, unimaginable gains can be made from the environment here. The use of drones, on the one hand, can bring medicine and other items to any place, while on the other hand, through drone photography and videography, the discussion of beautiful and scenic places can be brought to the world and it can also be used in virtual tourism.
  • In Nepal, which is known as an agricultural country, it is possible to make the country self-sufficient in many things and even import crops through the use of technology. The use of drones and various sensors can be done in a large area in a short time and investment, such as observation, sowing of seeds, identification of diseased plants, easy application of medicines.
  • Nepal has run out of correspondence as all government bodies still do not embrace technology. It has made people’s lives miserable, but it has also limited Nepali government work to the speed of a tortoise. With the special use of drones, the people can get government facilities very easily and conveniently if they can make arrangements to deliver sensitive but urgent letters and documents that need to be taken away by the people to the offices of every local level.
  • Due to the lack of proper security policies and activities, proper security has not yet been established in any part of the country, including the capital. The use of drones in patrolling, accident scene, traffic inspection etc. makes it easier to provide security to the people everywhere. In addition, patrolling and monitoring drones on highways on a regular basis, while inspecting forests, makes it much easier to control smuggling activities.
  • These are just some of the important genres in which the use of drones can bring about a radical change. The government should revise its policy towards drones by embracing flying drones as the world challenges science and abandons the idea of ​​how to move the country forward faster by embracing the existing technology properly and making maximum use of such new technology with the right policy rules and plans. The time has come.
  • At the same time, it is time for the responsible media to stop reporting on what kind of drones were caught and pretend to be involved in all genres of technology.

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