Tiktok owner Zhang resigned from the post


Tiktok owner Zhang resigned from the post

Yimming Zhang, co-founder of BitDance, the parent company of popular social networking site Tiktok, has resigned as chairman of the company.

Zhang resigned as chairman while the company was preparing to restart. Zhang, the founder of Baddance and a successful Chinese businessman, has resigned, according to international media. According to the news, Zhang has come out of the ticket board.

But Zhang’s resignation is not seen as a surprise. This is because he had announced earlier this year that he would step down as CEO with a desire to step down from management. Since then, Rubo Liang, head of the manpower department and another co-founder of ByteDance, has been appointed CEO.

The news says that the current CEO Liang has been appointed to replace Zhang.According to sources, Zhang will be involved in the company’s activities in one form or another. And he is said to be emphasizing long-term strategy. But no details have been released about his new post.

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