Tiktok’s ‘blackout challenge’ is becoming a death knell for children


Tiktok has been sued for broadcasting ‘blackout challenge’ content. A lawsuit has been filed against TikTok and its parent company Byte Dance for negligence in the death of a 10-year-old girl who tried to challenge the blackout.

On December 7, 10-year-old Nyla Anderson of Pennsylvania was found unconscious in her bedroom. Although he was rushed to the hospital, he died five days later during treatment.

Andersson’s mother said that Naila fainted during the blackout challenge. In the Blackout Challenge, users are encouraged to hold their breath or suffocate themselves until they pass out.

Because of Tiktok’s algorithm, Naila tried after seeing the challenge on her ‘Four You Page’ which eventually led to her early death.

Her mother has said that her daughter’s death was caused by the company’s horrible challenge and the company should be held responsible for it and such harmful challenges should be completely banned from the platform.

A Tiktok spokesperson said that the blackout challenge was not a Tiktok trend and users learned about it from other sources. He also said that we always work to strengthen the security of users and this is our commitment. The spokesperson also expressed condolences to the bereaved family on behalf of the company.

Other children have also died due to this challenge. In April 2021, Joshua Hellesus, a 12-year-old boy from Colorado, died after 19 days of treatment. He also tried the same challenge and had to embrace death.

In Italy also, after a girl died after doing this challenge, the administration blocked users who did not verify their age from Tiktok. An investigation has started to see how Tiktok can harm children.

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