Twitter is testing TikTok-like reaction video feature


Twitter is testing a TikTok-like reaction video feature. Only a few months ago, Twitter removed Fleets, but now it has started testing new video formats.

Due to this feature, users can send their response as a video along with the tweet. This feature was previously available in Fleets as well.

But the fleets were closed within a year of its launch. According to Twitter, the Flits feature was discontinued after the user engagement was not as expected.

Twitter also released this feature on its platform, imitating the feature of posting stories for 24 hours on Facebook and Instagram.

From Fleets, users could keep a post in a story for 24 hours. This feature will remain available on the main timeline, but tweets with reaction videos will look different from retweets.

Other users are also worried that other users will be harassed by using this feature. In order to know the feedback of the users, this feature is currently in the testing stage.

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