Up to 15% discount for NMB Bank customers on purchases from Daraj


NMB Bank customers will now get up to 15 percent discount when buying goods from the drawer. This discount was announced in the commercial partnership agreement between the bank and Daraz on Thursday. According to the agreement, the bank’s customers will get up to 15 percent discount when they buy goods online and pay online.

The Bank’s card users will get a maximum discount of 10 percent or Rs.1000 on advance payments through debit card and a maximum of 15 percent or Rs.1500 on advance payments through credit cards for a limited time from the day of Chaitra 28, 2078, during the Nepali New Year campaign. The company said that the discount will be provided.

However, in order to get the discount, customers should activate e-commerce on their card, according to the bank.

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