Up to 20% cashback on digital payments from NIC Asia Bank


Supporting the new style of shopping that is developing in large department stores, NIC Asia Bank, the country’s leading bank, has also introduced new offers and discounts.

The bank has introduced ‘Dashain-Tihar Festival’ scheme to its customers to promote and facilitate digital payments in various department stores and marts on the special occasions of Dashain, Tihar, Chhath etc. This is a scheme to promote digital payments. Which will help to expand digital payments.

‘We are bringing various plans to make payments easier for the general customer group,’ said Roshan Kumar Neupane, Chief Executive Officer of NIC Asia Bank.

According to the bank, more benefits can be gained by transacting through these branches. According to this scheme introduced by the bank, up to 20 percent cash back and discount are available when purchasing various items and paying digitally at dozens of merchants including Bhat-Bhateni Supermarket, Salesberry, Bigmart, Saathimart (5 branches).

The bank said that this scheme will be implemented from Ashwin 1, 2079 to Kartrik 15, 2079. Keeping in mind the millions of customers who come to the country’s oldest Bhat-Bhateni supermarket spread across the country, they can get a discount of 10 percent or up to Rs. Similarly, Salesberry, Bigmart, Saathimart are supermarkets operating in major cities like Kathmandu.

According to the bank, 10 percent or up to Rs. 300 discount and cash back will be available when you purchase various items in these main supermarkets and stores operating in the country and pay QR through PSO and mobile banking NIC Asia Bank through NIC Asia Bank’s debit or credit card.

Those who do not have an account with this bank can immediately open an account through the bank’s stall located in limited stores of Bhat-Bhateni supermarkets, Salesberry, Bigmart and Saathimart all over Nepal and resume the debit card and mobile banking services of this bank and take advantage of discounts and cashback.

Debit and credit card users of the bank who do not have e-commerce payment facility on their card can take maximum advantage of this scheme by starting e-commerce on their card easily from iServe and App on the bank’s website and mobile banking app.

The bank also has its stalls in Bhat-Bhateni Supermarket, Salesberry, Bigmart and Saathimart. From this stall, customers can open a new account and get more information about digital payments.

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