Various updates to Skype, app running speed and design changes


Skype has been given a colorful redesign. Other features and upgrades have been added to the app. The speed, reliability and design of the app have been changed. Its visual aspect has also been changed.

The app has introduced a feature that allows you to place yourself in the main view while on a call. A large video feed can also be viewed on the top bar. Themes are made more colorful than before. Similarly, there are different stages for viewing calls, including speaker view, grid view, large gallery and together mode. Skype is also redesigning Meet Now.

Meet Now lets people join calls without installing the app itself. Participants will be able to see your call name and avatar. Skype has also increased the speed of performance. 2000 percent progress in performance has been brought in Android.

Similarly, an option called Office Lens has been added to scan documents and send them. The app has also added a feature called Twin Cam in which you can show your face while showing various media content to the participants.

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