Vivo also launched 25 series with excellent cameras


Focusing on the latest technology in smart phones is multi-faceted, taking into account all aspects like performance, speed, storage, design and price. Therefore, as a leading smartphone brand, Vivo has been dedicating its innovations to empower today’s youth in their professional and personal endeavours.

According to the company, each smartphone of the V series has been made more attractive by adding some new and unique features than its predecessor and maintaining a good balance between design and performance. Likewise, the latest V series smartphones – the V25 5G and V25E outshine all the others in terms of style and design.

Vivo V25 series includes amazing color-changing glass technology, which changes the color of the smartphone to a new color when exposed to sunlight, the company said.

Similarly, by including two color options in a single handset, Vivo has successfully scaled a new achievement, redefining the meaning of variety and innovation.

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