Wallet users 1 crore 4 lakh 19 thousand 678, about 2 lakh added in one month


The number of mobile wallet users in Nepal has reached 104 million 19 thousand 678. According to the data released by Nepal Rastra Bank, there are 14 million 19 thousand 678 digital wallet users till this month.

Last October, there were 12 million 239 thousand 7 wallet users. Within a month, wallet users have increased by around 2 lakhs.

Lately, there is an increase in business done through digital technology in Nepal. After the corona epidemic, the number of digital transactions has increased.

According to National Bank data, 15 billion 528 million transactions were made through wallets in November. Which is 2 billion more than October. In October, 13 billion 949 million transactions were made through wallets.

Along with the transaction amount, the number of transactions has also increased slightly in November compared to November. In October, there were 13 million 30 thousand 804 transactions in the wallet. Similarly, in November, it reached 13 million 88 thousand 543.

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