Want to learn Virtual Node JS for free? Here’s how to apply


A free one-month virtual workshop will be started for students who want to learn ‘Node JS’. The virtual workshop will start from the first week of May on the initiative of Saroj Dahal, a young technical student with seven years of experience in the field of programming.

Node JS is the programming library and framework used to build a website. This is a very important part of the JavaScript structure. According to the organizers, the students studying the course can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of web development. Students from all educational backgrounds interested in technology will be able to take this course.

During the one-month free workshop period, two of the best students will get free internships and the other two will get free node JS hosting and many other facilities.

Dahal says that the students who can increase their capacity in Node JS can work in various IT companies with a salary of Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000.

The session will be held every day from the first week of May from 6 pm to 7 pm via Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

Dahal has been organizing various free workshops and training programs on personal initiative for the skill development of students interested in the field of information technology. Earlier, he had also organized a one-month free workshop on ‘React JS’.

Those interested can go to this link and apply for advance seat for the workshop. Dahal said that after the completion of the Node JS workshop, a free workshop on mobile app development will also be organized.

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