What did Malika do to improve her dance?


What did Malika do to improve her dance?

Only 4 days ago, the song ‘Timro Manama Ae Kancha’ featuring heroine Malika Mahat and hero Pal Shah was released. The video of this song has received over 1.2 million views in 4 days. The song ‘Tadha Bhaepani’ composed by Kendra Motion Pictures with Paul and Malika has a record of 972,000 views in 24 hours.

In this sense, it can be understood that Paul and Malika are only partially liked by the audience for the fourth time. However, the video of this song has benefited Malika. Because, Malika’s dance performance in the video of this song has won the hearts of the audience.

The choreographer of this video is Kevika Khatri. According to Kevika, Malika was thinking that dance can only be done financially. Because, Malika had not danced like this in the previous song. The director of some of the videos that worked with Malika had also commented that her dance was weak.

Kevika also encouraged Malika and conducted a four-day workshop. During the four-day workshop, Kevika taught Malika only the steps that would make her feel comfortable. Therefore, even in the video of the song, Malika’s dance looks strong.

The audience admires Malika’s beauty and smile. But, in order for an artist to move forward for a long time, he should also have a strong knowledge of acting and dance. From this video, Malika has improved her dance to some extent. We have to wait and see how perfect he will be in the coming days.

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