What is a blog? How to make money from blogs?


Do you want to make your article a way to earn a living at home? That too in millions! So start writing today. You can turn your articles into cash online.

Access to the Internet, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter make it easy for readers to access articles and can easily connect with advertisers, including Google AdSense.

What is a blog?

In fact, a diary written online on a sheet of paper is a blog that expresses the activities and thoughts and ideas of our society.

Which appears on the Internet through various parts of the world, where advice and feedback can be shared from all over the world. So there is a diary written on the web, it is called a web blog, which is a short blog.

Everything is changing, everything is changing in the cycle of time. The same applies to the Internet. Due to the increasing sophisticated internet technology and fast online business in the early western countries, various websites and blogs have been created for business promotion. Various online advertising agencies and online employment agencies have been established.

How to create a blog?

For this, first you need to create an account on free sites like Google’s Blogger, WordPress. Like I made it on my blog blogger site.

This blog is made on the site of WordPress which you can make your own by looking here. Then you have to design the blog according to your desire and start writing.

In order to earn, you have to be able to attract as many readers as possible. Because the more readers read your article, the more times they see the ad on your blog and the more you can earn. So the reader should pay attention to writing an article that interests him.


Whenever possible, internationally available language should be used. Some other advertisers like AdSense support all languages, but popular advertisers like Google’s AdSense and ad networks run by Microsoft and Yahoo do not support Nepali language so their earnings may decrease.

Therefore, income can be increased by using English or any other popular language as much as possible. But if you write a blog in Nepali, Facebook’s instant article accepts Nepali language.

How to make money?

Now it depends on the language in which you are writing the blog. If you are writing in English then Adsense may be a good option for you.

If you have written a blog in Nepali language, Facebook’s instant article can be another source of income. You can get other information about blogging by visiting this blog.

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