What is E-SIM, how is it different from other SIMs?


Lately, e-Seams have started to be discussed in Nepal as well. With Nepal Telecom planning to introduce e-SIM in the annual program of the financial year 2078/79, the discussion about it is still heated.

An e-SIM is an embedded SIM card. It is a SIM card issued instead of physical SIM cards that connects the phones to the mobile network. An SIM is much smaller than a physical SIM card.

What is the difference between an e-SIM and a physical SIM card?

The biggest difference between an e-SIM and a physical SIM card is where it is placed. The e-SIM is connected to the motherboard. You can neither keep it nor remove it. But you can change the number in it and you can also change the visa.

It is still easy to switch and set up. You can get an e-SIM through a phone call and you don’t have to wait for the SIM card to arrive in your hand. E-SIM also works on the same technology as other SIMs and uses the GSM network in the same way as other SIMs.

Who can use e-SIM?

To use an e-SIM, you need a suitable device and a carrier that provides the e-SIM. AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, EE in the UK and 120 other companies worldwide provide e-SIM.

Esim is now used to bring the dual SIM feature to iPhone 12, 13, Pixel 5, Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones. It seems that after some time all phones and tablets will change to SIM.

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