What is open source software? How to take advantage?


Open-source software allows anyone to view and modify the source code in public. If the source code cannot be considered, it is called closed or proprietary.

The source code is the innermost part of the software that users pay little attention to. The source cord shows how the software works and how the features of the software work.

How can users benefit from open-source software?

Open-source software provides programmers with a platform to discuss how to find and solve problems in software.

Programmers also study in-depth what new technologies to use in software and what new features to bring.

Open-source software has many programmers so that problems can be solved quickly, new features can be made public regularly, and software can run smoothly.

Many programmers work hard to find errors in the code, so it is quick and effective. Security updates come in handy faster than proprietary.

General Public License (GPL)

Most open-source software uses one or the other version of the General Public License. GPL is like any photo in the public domain.

Public domain means anyone can come and modify the software. Similarly, one can update the software and reuse it voluntarily.

GPL allows programmers to modify and update open-source code. But whatever is modified in GPL, it is available to everyone. That is why the GPL program cannot be modified and sold on its own.

Where does the open source come from?

The term open source has come to the market after more people started not understanding it than free software. The term came into use after a special technology summit held in February 1988.

That same month, Eric Raymond and Bruce Pence launched the non-profit Open Source Initiative. This organization was opened with the aim of promoting open-source software. Technology enterprises also refer to projects and software programs that provide public access to open source code.

Proprietary software dominated the software market in the 80s. The idea for open software began in 1985 when Richard Stallman founded the Free Software Foundation (FSF). FSF has started a very big dimension for open source with the speed of open-source software.

Open-source software is a part of our lives

Open-source software has become a part of our lives. You may be reading this article from your cellphone or laptop, and if so, you are now using open source technology. Both Android and iPhone operating systems were initially built using open-source software.

Mozilla Firefox is also an open-source web browser. Google Chrome is a modified version of the open-source version of Chrome. The Internet is also the result of open source technology.

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