What is Software Freedom Day? September 21

What is Software Freedom Day September 21

What kind of software are you using ? How many people use genuine software? It is not known for sure, but more than 95 percent of computer users around the world use ‘ pirated ‘ software.

Except for some big banks, Microsoft’s software accounts for about 80 percent of the global market. But while consumer interest is waning, so is Linux, the open source market, and Apple’s market. If you look at the mobile OS, then the open source software Android has captured the market.

Software Freedom Day  is an annual celebration of the IT sector, which is celebrated for free and open source software . Free here means not only free money but also ‘ Freedom for Proprietary Software ‘ . Similarly , ‘ non (free software ‘ ) means that we have to buy it , we can’t ‘ share ‘ it with anyone and we can’t ‘ modify ‘ it for our convenience .

For example , Microsoft Windows is one of them. The main thing is that ‘ free and open software ‘ is prepared in the community with the advice and suggestions of everyone, while ” i.e. non-free software is prepared in a closed lab where there is no public participation.

Generally , we think that when we buy a computer , Microsoft Windows comes for free, but that is not true, which isoftenthe case with the pirated version . It is not possible to compare the value of genuine software with the per capita income of Nepalis. Microsoft’s original OS costs $200 and the Office package costs about $300.

Consumers will surely compare between one hundred and fifty rupees and one hundred and fifty US dollars. In this case, the consumer’s choice will be pirated software. Some time ago, an agreement was signed between the famous software manufacturing company Microsoft and the Ministry of Environmental Science and Technology of Nepal.

In the agreement, Microsoft has stated that it will invest in the development of Nepal’s information technology sector. After the agreement expires, Nepal may have to spend billions on genuine software , as Microsoft will not always be able to provide free software. In other words, if a law is brought to stop piracy software in Nepal or if there is a problem, there will be a problem. Due to these reasons, free and open source software is attracting a lot of attention.

Software Freedom Day  is a public education endeavor. This is not only a day to use and celebrate free and open source software but also a way to encourage and benefit the public. Software Freedom Day was established on August 28, 2004. The June event was attended by 70 teams from around the world. This day has been celebrated around the world on the 3rd of September since 2005.

  As always, this year too, under the Wednesday of September, September 21 is celebrated all over the world as ‘ Software Freedom Day 2022 ‘ .  On September 21, the third Saturday of September, Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT) and colleges across the country and some IT institutes have celebrated Software Freedom Day.

NCIT has been celebrating Software Freedom Day since 2009. This year, various competitive programs were also organized with the participation of students from various engineering and IT colleges. 

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