WhatsApp to automatically block users’ ‘Last Seen’ status for random contacts


WhatsApp is going to allow users to keep their ‘last seen’ status for different contacts. Before this, WhatsApp has been in controversy for its privacy policy.

That’s why this upcoming update will give users a little more control over privacy settings. Some time ago, WhatsApp introduced a feature to limit who can see your profile photo.

You can choose from the options Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody. Now even for ‘Last Seen’ status, the app allows you to prevent some contacts from viewing ‘Last Seen’ status by saying ‘My Contacts Accept…’.

Wabetainfo has also shared a screenshot from the iOS app as proof and informed that the feature will be available on both iOS and Android. But if you block a contact from viewing your ‘Last Seen’ status, you will not be able to see that contact’s ‘Last Seen’ status. This feature is still under construction.

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