When there was 11 billion transactions from QR in May, how much was from wallet and mobile banking?


11 billion 15 million has been paid by scanning the QR code in the month of May. According to the data of Nepal Rastra Bank, more than 11 billion was transacted through QR code in May.

Last April, 10 billion 191 million rupees were paid by scanning the QR code. The business through QR has increased by 82 crores in a month.

According to the data, there has been an increase in the transactions done through digital means in the month of May. In May, 15 billion 967 million transactions were done through digital wallets, while 1 trillion 21 billion 962 million rupees were transacted through mobile banking.

Similarly, it is mentioned in the data that there was a turnover of 12 billion 156 million rupees through internet banking in May.

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