Where Is Dhankuta? Detailed Information About Dhankuta District, Nepal


Dhankuta is a district of Nepal that is categorized in Province No. 1 of the country. mainly, Dhankuta is famous for its natural beauty. Before the unification of Nepal, the present territory of Dhankuta district was under the Pallokirant state. During the reign of the Malla kings in Kathmandu or when there were twenty-two or twenty-four kingdoms in Nepal, the Limbus ruled in the Dhankuta region with the status of ‘Hang’. At that time, twelve branches ruled over 17 thums of Chaudandi Pallokirant on the other side of the Arun river. It is mentioned that after the Gurkha army took control of 17 thums of Pallokirant during the Nepal Unification Campaign, it was administered from 1774 BS under the leadership of His Majesty King Prithvinarayan Shah.

During the reigns of Shri 5 Rajendra Bikram Shah and Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa, after 1873 BS, the country was divided into 10 districts. According to the division, the land up to Dudhkoshi East Majhkirant and Pallokirant Mechi border belonged to Chainpur Dhankuta district. B.S. as the third Prime Minister of the Rana period. Bir became Shamsher around 1942. During his tenure, 10 districts of Shahkalin Nepal were divided into 32 districts. From this time onwards, the appearance of the districts has become uniform and apart from general changes, the appearance of the districts seems to have remained the same till the end of the Rana period. In twenty hilly districts, the arrangement of having one ward governor was generally implemented. But out of those twenty districts, Palpa, Dhankuta and Doti districts got special place.

Palpa and Doti in the west and Dhankuta district in the east were made Gonda. Dhankuta Gonda was under the ward governor, formerly No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, Ilam and Dhankuta. The area of ​​Dhankuta district at that time was also large. Current Sankhuwasabha, Tehrathum, Taplejung, The territory of 5 districts including Panchthar and Dhankuta was then Dhankuta as 1 district. Due to the construction of Dhankuta Gonda, Dhankuta district of the eastern region became a big administrative center like Shahkal.

In 2019 BS, the Kingdom of Nepal was divided into 14 zones and 75 districts. After the division of 14 zones into 75 districts, the formerly divided land of Dhankuta district was divided into five districts. Dhankuta Naming: Regarding the name Dhankuta, it has been mentioned from Mechi to Mahakali that Kagtepokhari is located in the district headquarters of Dhankuta. To the north of this pond are two hills. There is a local tradition that Dhankuta means “Dhankuta” as these pillars look like pillars on a mound and look like a paddy field.

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