Where Is Morang? Places To Visit In Morang District Of Nepal


Morang District is an industrial district in the Koshi Zone, the Eastern Development Region of Nepal. Morang district, which has the historical pride of the eastern region, is known as the second-largest district in Nepal in terms of industry and population. Located in the Eastern Terai of Nepal, this district was famous in ancient times as the capital of the great king. It was located in one district even though there were 35 districts before the administrative division in 2018 BS. Which is currently divided into Morang, Sunsari and Jhapa districts. The area of ​​Morang district is 1,855 square kilometers. The population was 8,43,220 at the 2001 census. Biratnagar is the headquarters and major industrial city of Morang district.

Geographical Location of Morang district

  • Location: 26.20 / 26.53 to 87.16 / 87.41 (Monastery of India to the south)
  • Area: 1855 sq. km.
  • Linguistic Stage: Miscellaneous
  • Border to the east: Jhapa and Ilam
  • Border to the west: Sunsari
  • North boundary: Dhankuta, Panchthar
  • Border to the south: Araria district in the Indian state of Bihar

Municipalities of Morang District Of Nepal

  • Biratnagar Metropolitan City
  • SundarHaraicha Municipality
  • Belbari Municipality
  • Pathari-Sanischare Municipality
  • Urlabari Municipality
  • Rangeli Municipality
  • Letang Bhogateni Municipality
  • Ratuwamai Municipality
  • Sunawarshi Municipality

Rural Municipalities of Morang District Of Nepal

  • Kerabari Rural Municipality
  • Miklajung Rural Municipality
  • Kanepokhari Rural Municipality
  • Budhiganga Rural Municipality
  • Gramthan Rural Municipality
  • Katahari Rural Municipality
  • Dhanpalthan Rural Municipality
  • Jahada Rural Municipality

Local levels Of Morang District Of Nepal

Biratnagar Municipality, Velwari Napa, Urlavari Napa, Sundaraharaincha Napa, Rangeli Napa, Patharishanishchare Napa, Letang Napa, Ratuwamai Napa, Sunvarshi Napa. , Jahda VDC, Budhiganga VDC, Dhanpalathan VDC, Katahari VDC, Kerawari VDC, Miklajung VDC, Kanepokhari VDC, Gramthan VDC .

Most Famous Places To Visit In Morang District In Nepal:

  • Urlabari
  • Biratchowk
  • Belbari
  • khorsane Pathari
  • Rangeli

Find out Khotang District In Map Of Nepal


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