Where Is Panchthar? Places To Visit In Panchthar District Of Nepal


Panchthar is a central hilly district of Mechi Zone under the Eastern Development Region of Nepal. The area of ​​this district is 1241 sq. Km. Min. Is spread over The tourist attraction of this district is equally high due to its remote but picturesque topography, high terrain and valuable herbs like Potlingo, Gurans, Dhupi, Chiraito etc. This district is also known as Pallo Kirat. There is a legend that when it comes to making decisions on important issues, the ancient kings of Limbuwan Thum have gathered at a shrine called Amme Pojoma to take decisions.

Although there is no clear basis for how the district was named, researchers say that Panchthar was named after the word “Pantharathum”. The word Pantharathum is a combination of Pantharu and Thum. Panthru means Agreed, and Thum means District. In this sense, after the unification of Nepal, the decisions made by the Chumlung Sabha in Feden about the religion / culture and customs of the Limbuwan region were approved by the then King of Nepal. There is an opinion that yes. In the old literature of Kirant history, the word “Panther” is used in the historical description of 550 AD.

According to the administrative and political division, Panchthar has 38 VDCs, 11 areas and 2 parliamentary constituencies and 1 municipality. According to the 2068 census, the total population of the district is 191,817. The district is inhabited by different tribes like Limbu, Rai, Magar, Gurung, Sunuwar Majhi, Bhujel and Tamang and has its own language and culture. The district is also a meeting place of different castes and languages ​​with different religions and cultures. Panchthar district also has historical, religious, cultural and biodiversity rich tourist sites. Due to the diversity of geography, climate, forests, rivers, streams and peaks and the way of life, costumes, etc. of different tribes, this district has special significance.

Geographical location Of Panchthar District Of Nepal

On the map of Nepal, the spread of Panchthar district is 26.28 to 26.59 north latitude and 80.02 to 87. Located at 30 East longitude. It is bounded on the east by Sikkim and Darjeeling of India, on the west by Tehrathum and Dhankuta, on the north by Taplejung and on the south by Ilam and Morang districts. Spread over hilly, high hilly and some mountainous terrain, the district extends from 609 m above sea level (South Tamor Bagar of the district) to 4338 m (peak of Phalacha VDC). The total area of ​​this district is 1,25,289 ha. (1241 sq. Km.) In terms of land use, the cultivable area is 65,547 ha, forest cover 57,707 ha, community forest cover 13,243 ha, and concessional forest cover 564 ha. , Butyan area 7,887 ha, pasture area 5,292 ha, irrigated area 8,671 ha, 12 months irrigated 750 ha, partial irrigated 7,921 ha. Has been Climate of The maximum temperature was recorded at 26.1 C and the minimum at 12.3 C. Is measuring up to.

The major rivers Of Panchthar District

Panchthar and Tehrathum, which are the tributaries of Saptakoshi and Tamor, and the Kaveli, which is the border of Panchthar and Taplejung.

Small rivers Of Panchthar

Pauwa, Limwa Dhunwa, Chhorunga, Jinjiva, Fekuwa, Hokma, Aptawa, Chang Seva, Lenuna, Naviva, Nubucha, Subhang, Muwa, Niva, Khetung, Morang, Kali, Nawa, Mewa, Thamthum, Gadero, Chhango, Lakhuwa. Muktura, Pahewa, Pekuwa Khola, Sava Khola, Nivu Khola, Siva Khola, Namdu Khola, Fame Khola, Sivuwa Khola, Hewakhola, Liwa Khola, Inwa Khola, and Nawa Khola.

Forest resources Of Panchthar District

Panchthar district is also considered to be very rich in terms of forest resources. The district has private, community, government and confessional forests. The district has 29 confessional forests so far which have directly benefited 658 households and 269 community forests which have directly benefited 13,905. Due to the climate and geographical diversity of this district, there is diversity in the forests and forest resources here. Due to the hot climate in the lower part of the district, hardwood trees like Sal Sisau etc. are found, while in the upper part, trees and plants are found in the cold climate.

Most Famous Places To Visit In Panchthar District, Nepal

  • Phidim
  • Sadhutar
  • Timbu Lake
  • Chiba Bhanjyang
  • Jorpokhari
  • Miklajung
  • Chhalasukka

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