Where Is Sunsari? Places To Visit In Sunsari District Of Nepal


Sunsari district, Province No. 1 Nepal is the most densely populated district in the Koshi zone of the Eastern Development Region. Sunsari district, which has the historical pride of the eastern region, is known as a religious, educational and tourist district. It is bounded on the south by India, on the east by Morang district, on the north by Dhankuta district and on the west by Udaipur district and Saptakeshi river.

Inaruwa is the district headquarters while the major cities are Dharan and Itahari. 1257 sq km The district has an area of ​​7,53,328 people. The district has 195 km of paved roads and 399 km of gravel roads. And 657.5 km of unpaved roads. Has been Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Sunsari district, which is mostly in the Terai.

After paddy, wheat, pulses, oilseeds, sugarcane, jute and tobacco are also produced in this district. Sunsari district is 152 meters above sea level in the south and 914 meters in the north. Mainly in the district: Rai, Limbu, Bahun, Kshetri, Newar, Tharu, There are Yadav, Mehta, Satar and Muslim castes. In this district, which is also a leader in the field of education, quality studies of all subjects including medical, engineering and food technology are being taught.

The naming of the Sunsari district

The district is named after the Sunsari River, which originates from the Charkose bush in the Bharaul region. This river flows towards India through Bharaul, Baklauri, Singiya, Bhokraha, Narasimha, and Jalpapur.

Geographical location Of Sunsari District, Nepal

Latitude 26 0 23 “north, 26 0 55” to north
Longitude -87 0 5 “East 87 0 16” and East.
Sunsari District is bounded by East Morang District, West Saptari District and Udaipur District (Saptakoshi River), North Dhankuta District (Bhedetar), and the South Indian state of Bihar.
Area: 1,257 sq. km.
Average length: The length from Budhi river in the east to Koshi river in the west is 44 km. Min.
Average width: The width from Bhedetar in the north to Budhikhola in the south is 45 km.
Geographical division: 1. The hilly region of the north 2. Bhavar Pradesh in the middle and The plains of the south.

Local Bodies: The district consists of 2 sub-metropolitan cities, 4 municipalities and 6 village municipalities. And They Are As Follows:

  • Itahari Sub Metropolitan City
  • Dharan Sub Metropolitan City
  • Inaruwa Municipality
  • Duhabi Municipality
  • Ramdhuni Municipality
  • Barahachhetra Municipality
  • Koshi Rural Municipality
  • Gadhi Rural Municipality
  • Barju Rural Municipality
  • Bhokraha Rural Municipality
  • Harinagara Rural Municipality
  • Dewanganj Rural Municipality

Sunsari district is made up of the Mahabharat mountain range, the Charkose forest and the fertile parts of the Terai. The geographical forest cover of this district can be divided into three main parts namely hilly region in the north, Bhawar region in the middle and plain land in the south.

Weather Of Sunsari District, Nepal

The climate of this district is hot monsoon. There is not much fluctuation in the climate. But in summer it is very cold and in winter it is a bit cold except when it is cold. There is not much difference between the average maximum temperature and minimum temperature of this district.

Major river pool Lakes Of Sunsari District, Nepal

The major rivers and lakes of this district include Saptakoshi, Kokaha, Sunsari, Budhi, Seuti, Sardu, Khetikhola, Tengra, Paklikhola, Dachkicha, Patnali, Gadan Khola etc.

major religious area Of Sunsari District, Nepal

Barahkshetra, Dantkali, Pindeshwar, Budhasubba, Shivajatta, Ramdhuni, Panchkanya, Bishnupaduka, ancient Haridwar Chatara Dham etc.

Tourist area Of Sunsari District, Nepal

Chimdi Daha, Bhedetar, Thigedhunga, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Sanctuary, Everest Science Center.

Places of commercial importance

The major places of the commercial importance of the district are Dharan, Itahari, Inaruwa, Duhavi, Khanar Jhumka, Mahendranagar, Harinagara, etc.

Most Famous Places To Visit In Sunsari District, Nepal

  • Buddhasubba Temple
  • Pindeshwor Temple
  • Shiv Jatta
  • Panchakanya Temple
  • Datankali Temple
  • Vijayapur Hill

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