Where Is Tehrathum? Places To Visit In Tehrathum District Of Nepal


Tehrathum is a hilly district in the Eastern Development Region of Nepal. Although the district has been named after 13 of the 17 surrounding thumkahs before the old district division “East 4”, there are currently very few “thumkas” in the district. Although it is geographically remote, it is one of the longest hilly districts in the Eastern Development Region. The district, which is also in the “Tea Region” of Nepal, currently grows mainly non-seasonal vegetables, ginger, tea, milk, chilli, oranges, lemons and valuable medicinal herbs, amliso (amriso), cardamom and other cash crops.

The naming of the Tehrathum district

In the Limbuwan region mentioned in the history, this district belongs to the district where Limbu castes are predominant. It can be automatically deduced that the language prevalent in the Limbu caste has a role in its naming. The reason why this district is named Tehrathum seems to be due to the following reasons:

The fact that the land north of the Arun River is called Limbuwan is a topic discussed in history. There were a total of 17 thums in this Limbuwan area and out of those 17 thums, the Limbuwan kings lost 4 thums and the remaining 13 thums belong to this district, hence the name Tehrathum.

Thum in Nepali means Dando Dhisko or Thumko and counting in this district from the three hills of Tinjure, there are 13 Thumkas up to Thala Danda, hence the name Tehrathum.

“Earlier, there were 17 thums in this place, but for administrative convenience, it was renamed as Tehrathum in 1952 BS, as a separate administrative unit was set up to collect 13 thums separately.”

As a Limbuwan state, it was a powerful state. According to the tax collection places of the state or according to the stingy practice, it may have been divided into 13 thums to facilitate the collection of taxes. The argument that the naming of this district is Tehrathum district seems to be more logical after the 13 places that understand Tiro.

Best Places To Visit In Tehrathum District Nepal

  • Singha Bahini Temple
  • Siddhadevi temple
  • Jal Kanya Devi Temple
  • Pancha Kanya Devi
  • Hyatrung Waterfall(Jharana)
  • Tinjure hill
  • Tinjure-Milke-jaljale area
  • Margha Pokhari

Find Tehrathum District In Map Of Nepal


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