Which jobs are at risk of being lost to artificial intelligence, and which ones are less susceptible to automation?


Recently, with the development of artificial intelligence (AI), there have been many discussions in the market. AI has started to be seen in both positive and negative ways.
AI has made work easier and many have lost their jobs because of artificial intelligence. We are hearing news that big companies are cutting staff because of artificial intelligence.

According to various international statistics, millions of people will lose their jobs in the future due to AI. After AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, Copilot, Ernie came in the market, it got more strength.

According to a report published by the famous investment bank Goldman Sachs, AI could displace 300 million full-time jobs in the next few years.
It is estimated that AI will take away more than a quarter of people’s jobs. In a report by the prestigious MIT and Boston University in the US, it is estimated that artificial intelligence will displace more than two million manufacturing workers by 2025.

Which jobs are at risk of being lost to artificial intelligence?

According to a recent study by the prestigious survey company Pew Research, the people most at risk due to artificial intelligence are budget analysts, data entry people, tax preparers, technical writers, and web developers.

Similarly, those who will be affected to a lesser extent include chief executive officers, doctors, interior designers, fundraisers and sales managers.

AI also seems to affect the jobs of telemarketing, bookkeeping accountants, receptionists, computer support providers, market research analysts, salespeople in the advertising sector, and those working in the retail sector. Experts say that AI is more likely to replace data analysts.

Similarly, AI will also replace customer service representatives who communicate with customers. Because in Western Mulul these days people in any company have stopped talking to the customer after picking up the phone.

It is seen that the work of accountants will also be taken away by artificial intelligence. Because artificial intelligence makes all the details of the company correct and fast. That is why they have given money to the company and stopped keeping employees.
Apart from this, AI will not only take away your jobs, it will also create new jobs. Recently, prompt engineering jobs have been created due to artificial intelligence. People are earning lakhs per month from this.

According to the World Economic Forum, it is estimated that by 2027, 69 million new jobs will be created globally and 83 million jobs will be lost.

which ones are less susceptible to automation?

AI will especially automate repetitive tasks. Perhaps artificial intelligence tools that can do creative work to some extent have already started coming into the market. However, artificial intelligence cannot take away teachers’ jobs. Because the efforts made by the teacher to get the students to study is not possible with artificial intelligence. The teacher himself has to motivate the students in some way.

Similarly, if AI cannot do the work of lawyers and judges, AI cannot completely replace the director, manager and chief executive officer of any organization or company. It is seen to be good for people doing specific technical work like psychiatrist, writer, machine learning engineer, AI engineer, data scientist, computer vision engineer, natural language processing engineer.

AI will help those who do these jobs, but they can completely replace them. Instead of worrying about when artificial intelligence will take over, advance yourself by learning new skills that will be needed in the future.

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