Which Windows 11 Version Is Best For You? Basic Users, Professional Users And Gamers


Windows 11 has a different version and here we will talk that which windows 11 version is best for You.

As we know Windows 11 is the latest Operating System Released By Microsoft Corporation On October 5, 2021, and it was announced on June 24, 2021, after the success of Windows 10 that was released on July 29, 2015. Microsoft said that Windows 11 will have improved performance and a bunch of features that Windows 10 wasn’t. So let’s Discuss about the

WIndows 11 Version And Their Features

Windows 11 has 11 different versions and is packed with different features so the windows 11 versions are categorized according to the users and all of them are described below:

Windows 11 Home

Windows 11 Home version is based on basic home users’ needs which include built-in security features including internet security, firewall, and built-in antivirus for system protection but lacks many features if compared to other windows 11 versions. windows 11 home also provides features like TPM support, Biometric security features like windows hello, battery saver, start menu, Cortana, windows update, Cortana, virtual desktops, snap assist, continuum, Microsoft edge, device encryption, Microsoft passport, etc. Windows 11 Home Supports Individual License and is a little bit cheaper than other versions of windows.

Windows 11 Home N

Windows 11 Home N are the windows 11 versions that include the same functions as Windows 11 home with no media support which lacks media-related (voice recorder, video player, music player) features just like it doesn’t include Microsoft windows media player, and also it is a little bit cheaper too.

Windows 11 Home Single Language

Windows 11 Home Single Language is the operating system that supports only one language as it’s installed with and nothing can be changed or upgrade later to a different language. windows 11 home single language also has the same features as Windows 11 home editions. this version of windows mainly comes with a pre-installed digital license in many country and users can also buy it From Microsoft.

Windows 11 Education

Windows 11 Education is free version of windows for students which supports volume licensing and is packed with all the features that Windows 11 enterprise has and is good for students.

Windows 11 Education N

Windows 11 Education N is a version or edition of windows that has same features like windows 11 education but lack media capabilities.

Windows 11 Pro

Windows 11 Pro is a version of Windows that is packed for professional users which includes all windows 11 home fretures with additional features and capabilities which are best for business purpose and professional purpose. windows 11 pro includes features like remote desktop, bitlocker, hyper-v, active directory and windows defender device guard etc.

Windows 11 Pro N

Windows 11 Pro N is a edition of windows 11 which is packed with same features like windows 11 pro but lacks media-related capabilities.

Windows 11 Pro Education

Windows 11 Pro Education is a version of Windows that is based on windows 11 pro editions and contains all of the features of windows 11 pro with different features and options and also some default disabled options that are not suitable for education purposes. So Windows 11 pro-education is for those users that are professionals and students too.

Windows 11 Pro Education N

Windows 11 Pro Education is a version of Windows that is packed with the same functions that windows 11 Pro Education has except the media-related features.

Windows 11 Pro For Workstations

Windows 11 Pro For Workstation is a version of windows that is designed for high-end computers hardware or cpu that supports AMD Opteron, Intel Xeon, etc. Windows 11 Pro For Workstation can support more cores, more ram, Resilient file system, Non-Volatile Dual in lime momory module and Remote Direct Memory Acess. Windows 11 Pro For Workstations are designed for power users.

Windows 11 Pro N for Workstations

Windows 11 Pro N For Workstations is a version of windows that is packed with the same features that Windows 11 Pro For Workstation does but it lacked Default Media-Related Capabilities that windows 11 pro for workstation has.


Every Edition of Windows 11 include different features so if you are a basic user go with Windows 11 Home Edition, IF You are a professional or business user go with windows 11 pro edition or if you are a student then go with the windows 11 Education edition. And if you are gamer go with Windows 11 Pro Edition. Thankyou

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