Who Developed PUBG Game?

Who Developed PUBG Game

You may remember different video games more than video games. The world’s first video game, called PONG, was launched in October 1958. In today’s modern age, technology has made many things easier and simpler for us.

A popular word among many people today is PUBG. PUBG is a video game. Its full form is Player UnknownÚs Battle Grounds, which can only be played through the Internet. To play this game, you need about 2 GB RAM in your mobile. This game is played by around 20 million people every day in the world.

It is played in most countries of the world including United States. The game is based on the 2000 Japanese movie Battle Royale. PubG Game is made by Pubji Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korea’s Blue Hole Company. The game was created by Brenden Greene, the lead designer and director of PubG Games. He is also known as Player Unknown on the online stage. Brenden is not a game designer at first.

Born in Ireland, he was a photographer, graphic designer, and web designer. He lived in Brazil for his work. He loved to play games. He played many kinds of video games. One day he was playing a DAYZ video game. He was so impressed with the game and the Battle Royale movie that he decided to make a game and enter the industry. He learned to program to enter the game industry. After learning this, he changed by finding the weaknesses in different games. 

He wanted to make a game that no matter how many times we played it. Impressed by this, Sony Online Entertainment hired him as a consultant for the H1Z1 game at their company. With the completion of this work, he left Sony Online Entertainment Company. There was a man from South Korea who thought like Branden, whose name was Chang Han Kim. He had a game development company called Ginno Games. It was renamed Blue Hole in January 2015. 

Chang Han Kim was also thinking of making a Battle Royal game at that time. When he started looking for a game, he realized Brenden’s potential. He called Brandon South Korea and explained the concept of the game he was planning to make. Then they decided to make a PUBG game together. They thought of making this game in one year. Initially, they hired 35 developers to develop the game. Later, the number of developers increased to 70 as required. 

In March 2017, they unveiled a beta version of the PUBG game. Everyone started liking this game. This game was made public on December 20, 2017, by correcting some of its weaknesses in it.

The game was also unveiled for Android and iOS in February 2018. Everyone started liking it in the beginning. Within a few months of its release, it became the world’s number one game. This game was included in One of the Best Selling of All Time Game.

The game has so far received Best Multiplayer Game, pc game of the year, action game of the year, esports game of the year, trending game of the year and many more. 

Within three days of Pubby’s release, it had grossed 11 million. Within four weeks of its release, more than 10 million rounds had been played. Branden was the designer and consultant of Battle Soul games, such as Arma III / King of the Kill, before making the pub.

Pubndi’s Erangel map was also designed by Brenden. The island was occupied by Soviet troops during World War II. When war broke out between the island’s people and the Soviet army, the island was completely destroyed.

That’s why you can see burnt cars, broken houses, military bases, and factories while playing pubs. PubG has more than 4 million mobile and computer players. 

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