Who was Benjamin Banneker? (November 9, 1731 A.D – October 19, 1806 A.D)


Benjamin Banneker (November 9,1731 A.D – October 19,1806 A.D), African-American farmer, self-taught mathematician and astronomer. Banneker was born in Maryland and spent most of his life on the tobacco farm he inherited from his father. Although Benjamin Banneker (1731 A.D – 1806 A.D) received little schooling, Banneker demonstrated exceptional scientific ability.

At age 22 Benjamin Banneker (1731 A.D – 1806 A.D) constructed a clock made entirely of wood, with each gear carved entirely by hand. In 1789 A.D U.S. President George Washington appointed Benjamin Banneker (1731 A.D – 1806 A.D) to the commission charged with planning the construction of Washington, D.C.; with Major Andrew Ellicott, he helped survey the site of the national capital between 1791 A.D and 1793 A.D.

Benjamin Banneker (1731 A.D – 1806 A.D) also became widely known as the compiler of The Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia Almanac and Ephemeris, published annually from 1792 A.D to 1802 A.D.Banneker (1731 A.D – 1806 A.D) sent the manuscript of the first almanac to revolutionary leader and future U.S. president Thomas Jefferson, then secretary of state. With the manuscript, Benjamin included a letter in which he protested slavery and disputed Jefferson’s claim that blacks were intellectually inferior to whites. Abolitionists also used the almanacs as an evidence of the intellectual capabilities of blacks people.

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